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sick ~__~

I can't believe I got sick in HK... AGAIN. ==+ It is quite annoying since I still have to work on weekdays. So it means me walking around the office going @_@, literally. I hate being sick. ~____~

At least I am getting better now.

- \ Saturday, December 13, 2008 ~ 09:43 p.m. / -

HK snack

Found this on my way home today after work. Sweet Potato chips. It tastes really good. The purple one has a slight citris favour =3. Haven't try the red one yet but I assume it is just plain favour.

They cost less than 1AUD too. Good choice of snack =3. Wonder if I can get them in Australia... probably not.

- \ Tuesday, December 2, 2008 ~ 08:39 p.m. / -


Miki the dog~ He is sooo cutie and always bouncing up and down. Missed him soo much > 3<

good tea =3 but so experience orz I shouldn't have got it from 7-11 >_>;;;

I had arrive in HK for 3 days already, had been going around visiting relatives and stuff. Not much exciting stuff going up really. Work start tomorrow, an hour of travelling... one way only... that's gonna be fun. Not. >_>

I should had blogged before today, but I was too lazy (yet again) so I will do a dot point summary~

- Qantas plane got VOD, but their screens are too damn small. *cough* so hard to watch orz
- HK is cold, and dry. I actually have to put cream on to stop the itchyness ==" something I never bothered to do unless it is too unbearable.
- I kinda miss Australia already. Somehow this made me think, where do I really belong? My biological birthplace is HK so technically I always belong to HK, I am even a permanent hk resident. However, I almost spent half of my life in Brissy and of course most of my friends that I still have contact with are in Australia. It is just that, the first few days I came to HK, I feel so distanced out from others. I can't find the feel of belonging here and I am pretty sure that by the time I go back to Brissy, same thing will happens. After all I will be away for a good 3 months, that's like a quarter of a year >_>. I am really confused. >_>;;; Or maybe I am just thinking too much.

Umm. So I covered maybe half of the stuff I was gonna blog, and forgotten the other half >_>. I am kinda tired anyway so I will go to sleep. Have to wake up uber early tomorrow >_>. じゃ~

- \ Sunday, November 30, 2008 ~ 09:23 p.m. / -

Year one of uni over~

A treat after finishing my last exam =3

Finally finished all my exams for the year. Last exam (stat) was quite an experience though, never had thought that there could be _SO MANY_ mistakes on the exam paper itself. ==" Stupid lecturer didn't even give us the tables that we need. Anyway it is over now, freedom~ here I come!!! XD

Went to city with sal after the exam. Bibimbap~ ^0^ so good =3. Went to teaetc after lunch and bummed into Tina & co (yr 12). Talked for a while and then went home. I didn't realise how much I missed the Somerville green till I actually sat down next to Tina. It was a weird experience kinda. *shrug* Meh. Don't care anymore.

Have to start packing for HK and cleaning my room >_>. My room is just too dirty and messy ~___~.

- \ Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ~ 11:11 a.m. / -

I survived my hardest exam

The only reason I managed to survive 2 days with only 9 hrs of sleep. >__>

At least MKTG is now over and done with. Already done a lifetime worth of marketing after doing mktg1501 ==" No more marketing for me thank you very much.

Thursday and Friday was like disaster >_>, with acct exam on Thursday and mktg on Friday. I was cramming madly right from Wed... x____X Fall asleep straight away after I got home from mktg.

Conclusion: never leave revision till last minute >_>
Lesson learnt? Will see. >_> If only I could make myself to study during the semester, but then that's what I had been saying for... quite a while now =="

Anyway, only one more to go!!! Stat!!! I can do it ^__^

- \ Saturday, November 8, 2008 ~ 01:20 p.m. / -

new layout

I should really start to make a new layout... and update my blog more frequently.. >< I haven't update for ages... it is like kinda sad T___T Do anyone still check this blog anyway? = =

So yea a new layout is probably coming on its way once I finished all my exams (3 more to go!!!). However, I had been thinking of getting a new blog site. Don't get me wrong, I love pitas and all... It is just that I don't want to keep on using niichan's account, even she doesn't use it anyway >___>;;; I want one with my own name =D. Too bad pitas don't offer new account sign up anymore T_T (and had been that way for quite a while, after all it is the main reason for me to steal niichan's account)

So any suggestion for new blog site? I want to be able to edit my blog's layout, background and stuffs myself. Any good suggestion? If only I could change the name of this pitas account >< meh... *shrug*

So yea, that's my update since a long while. Should go back to study now. さやなら~

- \ Monday, November 3, 2008 ~ 06:18 p.m. / -